Ray, first of all, download your initial plan document - click here.


Now, here are SOME elements we will need to start with Razor Resources:

[] High quality photos

[] photos of you and/ or your workers

[] Project photos

[] Video:  What video could you take for me of you in the workfield (I need 30 seconds or so; need the raw file, do not send to me on YouTube – send it via Google drive or DropBox)

[] Testimonial 

_______[P.S. everything on this page will be deleted. This is a temporary page} _______

To launch project:  Lisa will e-mail you a working agreement  discussing the marketing elements based on your budget.  {I do want to talk with you first on a phone call as well}

If you agree (Feel free to ask any questions, no question is a dumb question -- well, maybe... nvm).   Upon your acceptance, we can start: projected start date for Go Glossy is May 14th - if acceptable to you.

We will start with your website (as you can see...there is still a lot of work to be done!)

I need more written content from you – I will send you more questions based on your Q&A you completed for me!

As always, your input, feedback, edits and suggestion are always welcome!

Remember this is an ongoing work in progress. Marketing is an investment!

Finally, let's have fun and make a difference together!


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Lisa Caprelli and Go Glossy Team