Below is a list of some of the most common services we provide our growing list of clients:

When it comes to Title Research and Abstract services, we can help!  Razor Resources offers complete abstracting services to meet your specific title requirements of a project anywhere in the country. Razor Resources has a detailed process that meet our landmen guidelines and requirements.
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Abstracting & Title: 

Title research is a key foundation of what we carry out for our clients. We deliver accurate title runsheets that have been thoroughly researched by our professional landmen. Our title research comes in a package designed to specifically fit each client’s request. In each package includes a complete ownership report, chain of title, every instrument used to determine ownership, flow chart, tax assessment, and a plat. Additionally, Razor Resources' experienced land men research title through each specific County's records on-site at the County Clerk's office. 

Due Diligence: 

When it comes to Due Diligence we pride ourselves in thoroughly examining and analyzing acquisitions and sale within the Oil & Gas Industry. 

GIS Mapping: 

Our Geographic Information System team works with our clients in specializing cartographic maps to illustrate their needs. Our team continues to stay current with the latest software and technology for up-to-date mapping techniques. Since GIS is how majority of our clients follow their fieldwork, we take pride in making sure everyone is receives up to date and accurate interpretations.

Title Curative: 

We are committed to deliver our services in any manner towards curative work for our clients. Our professional land men have experience interpreting title opinion recommendations that result in clean precise, chain of title. 

Seismic Permitting:

Our professional landmen are qualified to obtain the necessary surface and mineral permits for our clients in a prompt manner to conduct 2D and 3D seismic projects throughout the United States.

Right of Way/Pipeline:

Our right-of-way department is experienced in surface and site management. Our team is outfitted to negotiate surface permitting while diligently keeping our clients' best interest in mind. We have experience working with government agencies on both Federal and State level regarding permitting, statutes, and regulations. 

Oil & Gas Lease Acquisitions: 

Our experienced land men coordinate promptly and efficiently together to target areas of interest for specific clients’ needs.  Since confidentiality plays a key role in our relationship with our clients, we strive to protect and conceal their future exploration.  We pride ourselves on negotiating reasonable and fair terms on each lease agreement. 


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